Extensive knowledge in Web technologies

Development and characterization of numerous web applications supporting and supported by databases in Access and MS-SQL

Migrating older databases, in DOS environment to SQL server web environment

E- Commerce, CRM (Customer relationship management) and Warehouse Management, Manufacturing applications

E-commerce, Shopping Cart and payment system support

SQL Active Server Page

Client/Server Applications

Development of applications with Access, MS-SQL, ASP, and ASP.NET

Search engines optimization

Networking Solutions
Software and Hardware Installations
Server setup and configuration
Router/firewall setup and configuration
Desktop setup and configuration
Exchange +Blackberry SW installations

Networking Monthly Maintenance


    Graphic Design
Innovative design and development sites
Flash technology
Flyers, business cards, logos, brochures, catalogs, book and other printing jobs

 Web Hosting
Hosting-based Unix Hosting Plans
The offering is exactly the same as our successful retail product and will have the same pricing, specs, features as...

Windows Server 2003 Shared web hosting
Windows Server 2003 is the future of web servers. With Windows Server 2003 and it's new web server IIS 6.0...

Web Servers for Windows
Windows® Web Servers are a new class of Hosting Servers for Windows-based and .NET-based web site and application hosting...

Mercantec SoftCart E-Commerce Plans
These bundled e-commerce solutions include reliable Planetscape unix-based hosting and powerful Mercantec SoftCart e-commerce software.

ShopSite E-Commerce Plans
ShopSite combines an easy-to-use shopping cart with rich
e-commerce features. Demo inside!

 Printing Technologies
Custom printing services for business and personal use
Several paper stocks and folding options, multi-panel printing products in full-color
Fast, convenient and affordable pricing

Coming soon ........

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