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Planetscape, founded in 1998 is one of the leading edge technology company providing Software and Hardware and Systems Integrators in the New York and Tel-Aviv. Planetscape employs a full time staff of senior technical specialists with expertise in Systems Planning, Applications Development, Database Development, Database Administration and Computer Networking. Planetscape first mission is to enable knowledge transfer and mentoring to client organizations through the implementation of innovative, strategic and competitive technical solutions. Planetscape second mission is for its client to use the technologies and improve the company's bottom line.

Database Solutions continues to lead the industry in developing browser based systems. Planetscape led the industry by migrating old (DOS based) application to Widows Web based technology.

Planetscape has a proven track record in Window 20012 Operating System, Active Directory .Net, Microsoft's Internet Information Server, Exchange 2012 as well as front end development with Visual Studio. Planetscape employs a full time staff of senior technical specialists with expertise in Architecture, Project Management, Applications Development, Database Administration, Computer Networking and Web applications development.
Our Professional experiences and knowledge
   Extensive professional knowledge in web technologies in a Microsoft environment.

Development and characterization of numerous web applications supporting and supported by databases.
   Knowledge in .NET technologies.
   Extensive knowledge in ASP, JavaScript, VBSCRIPT, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL.
   Experience in development in a Visual Interdev 6 and Visual Studio .NET
   Experience in building COM and COM+ objects
   Knowledge in Source Safe management.

Experience in working with MS-SQL Server 2016 and Access databases.

We provide the following services

Developing web applications in ASP and ASP.NET within a Visual Studio environment with MS-SQL Server 2016 and ACCESS support.

Developing internal web applications based on MS-SQL Server 2016 data while implementing new Microsoft technologies.

Building E- Commerce, CRM (Customer relationship management) and warehouse management applications.
   Building dynamic internet web sites based on Microsoft technologies.

Search engines optimization.

  Expertise on
   XML in a .NET environment

Visual Studio development in a .NET environment
   SQL Database Applications

Building COM and COM+ objects in Visual Basic
   Classic ASP

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