Network/ Server Setup for small and mid-sized companies
Can you afford for your computer system to go down and shut down your entire operation? Can you afford for one of your desktops to become infected with a virus and cause you not to be able to print, save documents or send emails. These problems can affect your entire business. We at Planetscape are focused on preventing you from loosing money.

Planetscape Inc. is focused on providing state-of-the-art computer networking installation, troubleshooting, consulting, quality security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Planetscape was founded in 1998 and our headquartered is in NYC, New York. We are a leading provider of technology-based B to B solutions with offices in New York and Tel-Aviv. Planetscape services the business needs of IT requirement for our clients in both countries. The following steps are designed and market by Planetscape to provide the state-of-art networking solutions/services to our potential clients:
Server setup and configuration:

Install and configure Windows MS Server 2012 Professional and Standard Edition with all updates including remote access setup for server maintenance

Create new Domain accounts with required security access

Create all data shares with required security restrictions

Install and configure Anti-Virus protection with all updates

Migrate all existing data to new server if necessary create Backup solution configured and tested with required daily backup
Router/firewall setup and configuration:
Connect router with firewall protection to high speed EOC Ethernet Over Copper) ,Fios or cable modem
Update any required firmware and firewall configurations
Desktop setup and configuration:
Connect and join all the desktops to new server domain
Connect and test all required network data drive mappings to new server
VPN Setup and configure remote access on all the desktops for required maintenance
Install and configure Ant-Virus protection with all updates
Installed printer and printer driver to all the computers
UPS setup and configuration:
Install UPS with power management software installed and configured the server
Server Rack installation and configuration:
Setup Rack with all shelves and keyboard tray
Rack server and all components
Bring all devices into Rack and configure wiring
Exchange +Blackberry SW installations:
Install BES, MS Exchange, POP3 connector for Blackberry

Perform server health check along with performing all required server security patches and Windows updates

Perform any Anti-Virus protection updates and check virus scan logs for any virus activity

Perform manual monthly virus scan

Check UPS stability and power load along with reporting logs

Verify scheduled backups were successfully completed with no errors

Perform any required firmware updates

Check firewall logs for any suspicious activity

Perform any required Anti-Virus protection updates and check virus scan logs for any virus activity

Perform manual monthly virus scans

Check and install any required windows updates and security patches
For Exchange, BB & BES applications:

Monthly maintenance for exchange and Blackberry

Check and install any updates and security patches

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