Hosting-based Unix Hosting Plans
The offering is exactly the same as our successful retail product and will have the same pricing, specs, features as the current Irix-based UNIX plan types current being offered.

Windows Server 2012 Shared web hosting
Windows Server 2012 is the future of web servers. With Windows Server 2012 and it's new web server IIS 6.0, Planetscape gives you the latest tool set to host your web sites on. Next generation hosting, available today.

Virtual and Dedicated Web Servers for 2012 Windows
Windows® Web Servers are a new class of Hosting Servers for Windows-based ASP and .NET-based web site and application hosting. Windows Web Servers eliminate the two largest hurdles to growing a web site: (1) moving an existing web site to a virtual or dedicated server without having to re-learn everything about how your site works, and (2) automatic installation of security patches and OS updates. A Windows Web Server allows you to focus on your online presence, instead of server management or IT.

Planetscape Unix E-Commerce Plans
These bundled e-commerce solutions include reliable Planetscape unix-based hosting and powerful MercantecPlanetscape e-commerce software.

Planetscape Widows E-Commerce Plans
E-commerce combines an easy-to-use shopping cart with rich e-commerce features.

Domain Name Services
Register your domain name today and "park" it on our servers: $19.95 p/ year

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